Essential Heating Repairs for Winter in Tomball, Texas |  

As winter in Texas can reach lows of 24°F, you want to make sure that your HVAC can protect you from winter’s cold cruelty. To do that, it needs to be working at its most efficient level.

The best way to do that is to hire HVAC technicians to perform annual maintenance checks on your heating system. You may want to schedule this just before winter hits so that your winter is guaranteed to be warm.

However, there are also some DIY heating repair actions that the average homeowner (probably you) can take to make his or her HVAC system winter ready. Read on to learn about some of these.

Clean Your Unit

The random debris sitting around your outside heat pump unit can get caught in the mechanisms. This can cause the unit to jam or have some other malfunction.

You may then have to go outside in uncomfortably cold weather to remove the debris. Beyond that, you and your family may have to wait in the cold until the technician can stop by. To prevent either situation from playing out, you’re going to want to clean your outdoor unit.

Shut off your unit temporarily first. Then, remove all the debris that you can see outside the unit. Once you finish this, you can unscrew the top grill, take out the fan, and use a damp cloth to wipe down everything inside.

Put everything back together and switch the unit back on when you’re done.

Cover Your Unit

If you have a heat pump style of HVAC, you probably don’t want to cover the outdoor unit. To learn if you have this type of HVAC, find the model number and write it down. Then you can look the number up using your favorite search engine.

If you have a furnace and air conditioner type of HVAC, a good winter preparation step is to cover the outside AC system unit for the season. This will ensure that your air conditioner won’t get damaged by colder weather and won’t make your home cold if it turns on.

You can find proper AC covers for most unit models in hardware and home improvement stores. If you can’t afford this at the time, you can easily use a waterproof tarp. Make sure that you leave some open space on the bottom to let some moisture out, though.

Once this is done, you may want to turn your AC unit off. This will ensure that your furnace can work without any interference.

Get Tomball, Spring, and Cypress Cooling and Heating Repair From Us

The best part about these heating repair steps is that they require little time to do. That means that you won’t be sacrificing much to make certain that your HVAC system remains functional through and/or after the winter.

If your Texas HVAC system runs into any problems, though, you can contact our services. We guarantee top-quality repair, replacement, and maintenance outcomes in Cypress, Tomball, and several other Texas locations.  Contact us now for an estimate.

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