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Caring for your HVAC system is the same as taking care of your car. Don’t you take your vehicle to the mechanic? Then commit to a routine with the professionals and maintain your AC system.

Our MAX Rewards Program helps keep your factory warranty in effect, since all manufactures require annual maintenance. Our team of skilled technicians will bring the experience & knowledge needed to offer you uncompromising service.

How does the MAX Rewards Program save you money?

When you always make sure your unit is running efficiently, it will prevent unnecessary breakdowns in your system, and extend its lifetime. In the long run, this means you will need fewer repairs, and will have lower utility bills.


Priority Service
We will always make sure you are serviced ahead of customers who are not members.

No Overtime Charges
Need us after hours, on a weekend or a holiday? Don’t worry about it! We won’t charge you any overtime fees – only our standard Monday through Friday rate.

Bi-Annual System Checks
We will come out twice a year to perform your Spring and Fall system check. With our 28 point annual cooling inspection, and 20 point heating inspection, you can guarantee your system is being taken care of the way it should! Don’t worry about scheduling, we will contact you to find a time that works for you.

Peace Of Mind
You will be at ease knowing that you chose the wise thing to do! Rest assured knowing that your unit is operating safely and efficiently. Not just that, but when your system is maintained regularly, it will have an increased life. We don’t call them Smart Perks for nothing!

MAX out on all the discounts you get after joining our program!

why do you need service twice a year?

Service is needed each season. Different maintenance procedures are performed for your cooling system than your heating system. Because your HVAC system works so hard throughout the year, several components need adjustment, calibration and cleaning each year. Your system will still work for a time without the maintenance, but not as efficiently or safely. During an inspection, multiple items are checked. Some of the checks are to identify and stop small problems that could become big problems, and others are to verify proper operation.

wise guys pricing
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  • Priority Service
  • Cashback Rewards*
  • Bi-annual System Checks
  • No overtime charges
  • 10% off Repairs
  • 10% off Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • 10% off complete UV system
  • 10% off Enviromax Filter
  • 15% off complete HVAC System Cleaning

* Yearly cash-backs. Rewards capped at $1000. Restrictions Apply. Call for complete details.