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A broken air conditioner is the last thing one wants during summer. There are different reasons for a broken air conditioner. For instance, a clogged filter means poor airflow, thus reducing the system’s cooling capacity.

Also, a faulty compressor could affect the air conditioner because the compressor is the motor that cools the air passing through the air filter. If the compressor breaks, cooling doesn’t take place. Other reasons for a broken air conditioner include faulty ac remote, insufficient coolant, a defective thermostat, defective parts, dirty coils, small air conditioners, etc. We provide reliable HVAC services in Tomball, Texas, and can determine the source of your AC problems and restore comfort in your home or office.

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History of the Company and Services Offered

We are a reliable air conditioner contractor to assist you with air conditioning and heating services in Tomball, TX. We ensure you cool air throughout the summer, regardless of the size of your house. Our staff has certified, highly experienced, and professional technicians. We value all our customers and focus on serving and earning your trust.

Why Choose Us?

We reduce humidity indoors. Humidity causes mold, leading to breathing difficulty and other health problems. Humidity makes the air in a home or office thick and sticky, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. High humidity levels create a musty smell, and the heat in it makes the house hotter.

Our repair services allow efficient airflow through the cooling and filtration system, drain excess water, and clear humidity. Our repair experts can help and advise you on the needed changes to your cooling system since air conditioners vary. They can modify your AC by fitting it with filters for excess water and reducing humidity levels.

We increase your system’s efficiency. A broken AC raises the electricity bill and makes the house uncomfortably hot because it overheats and works on overdrive, using more power. Different machine parts must be oiled, repaired, or replaced to ensure the system works efficiently. One can do this by changing filters to eliminate dust and bugs that settle in ACs. Fans and coils are vital for an AC to function properly. Our technicians repair damaged coils and fins or replace the worn-out ones.

Services Provided in Tomball, TX

We offer a wide range of services to our customers. Some of them include:

  • High-quality parts and material for your heating and cooling system
  • Highly personalized and excellent customer service
  • Quick response to service requests
  • Heating services
  • Tomball, TX AC repair and replacement

We take care of the installation of your unit, regardless of the type and size of the unit you prefer. We are up to date with the newest entry and technology. This helps us provide comprehensive services. We remove your old unit carefully and dispose of it properly. After installation, we’ll show you how to work it properly.

Why Choose Wise Guys?

We value transparency, open communication, and community.

Our team serves Texas with the best heating and cooling services, and we focus on understanding client needs.

Wise Guys Heating & Cooling is a BBB accredited, eco-friendly HVAC business with a growing reputation in Cypress, TX.

We are insured, bonded, and offer top-quality services, so your system and home/office will be in safe hands.

Our teams are reliable and handle AC and heating repair installation and maintenance for all makes and models.

We only dispatch trustworthy and experienced HVAC technicians who have undergone background checks.

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